Sunday, December 16, 2012

Journey toward Individualistic Society

'Society' is the English word given to the sanskrit' word 'SAMAJ'.Our literature defines SAMAJ as;
 Samam anajanti iti samajah, i.e. society is a mechanism in which everyone is inter-related and  inter-dependent. The basis for taking everyone together is mutual relation referred as 'sambandha'. The factor that fosters the interaction between the society and the mutual relation is called 'Yajmani'.

We have a culture which is based on yajmani so that the sambandha is well established and maintained so the samaj remains a strong entity of a country. Example of the yajmani are the various festivals that are observed by our samaj. We always have seen whether it be during plantation (ropai) in the month of asar or harvesting during the month of mangsir, the samaj had a mechanisucem to work in collaboration to help each other. This collaboration used to bring people together but when the people were induced to crave for materialistic thing  and most of all the innovation of 21st century -profit, people became more materialistic and greedy and started emphasizing on the machines and less on collaboration .

This led to shift in focus of samaj from 'yajmani', as a means to establish and maintain relation, to  'sadhan' means or machines, as they reduced the human effort at one part but people were so much attached to it that they were not aware when they have separated from the yajmani and sambandha.

Now the people who were updated with these sadhan, had an advantage so, they started focusing on the profit. Then people realized that if they are alone they don't have to share the portion of the pie with others, which is in their plate. This concept led to gradual change in our social family structure, i.e from joint family system to nuclear family. 

By then, the samaj whose focus was on inter-dependent and inter-relation, sambandha and yajmani was changing to 'means' and profit. The self sustainable society was hit with the another innovation called 'profit', which is in terms of materialistic possession than on relation and values, which we inherited.

The evidence of which can be found today if we look look at our generation then, its not surprise to find each person busy with his/her gadgets then in social interaction.

Means- or the 'sadhan' are created to make life easy by human but we at present are so much obsessed with it that we have almost erase the essence of interaction and basis of human relation and values i.e sambandha and yajmani,

These means definitely have made us profitable in terms of materialistic possession but gifted us loneliness in terms of human core values. The over emphasis on the 'sadhan' which led to 'profit' and then 'greed' helped us a lot to move toward the individualistic society.

And today, we all are alone even in crowd with our gadgets.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Way to krishna - SAURABHI

Krishan name is Govinda and also Gopal... which means cowherd boy and who takes care of cow and is protector. The cows in Krishan's abode are also a liberated soul as a choice they have made. These cows are called SAURABHI meaning you can milk the cow as many times as you want to and as much milk as you want to. We see many picture of lord with cow and here he is symbolizing that if we provide what we can offer as service to the people as much as we can, we can be close to Krishna. The condition is, like saurabhi there should be the determination and willingness to serve other by own capacity without expectation like the saurabhi cow be humble like cow have patience like cow.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012


We all know about the Geeta that Lord Krishna shared with  Arjun. But the whole Geets is infact shared between the three people along with Arjun and from different class of the society and on the basis of their karma. One was Arjun himself, whom Lord regarded as good friend and was there to fight on behalf of righteousness. Second person is the Dhritarastra, he didnt have good boons to listen to it but Lord had a plan and he even included Dhritarastra who was not only blind physically but also mentally. So lord thought that Dhristarastra also needs the knowledge so he might change despite of all that happened and not to mention is a king. The third person is Sanjaya, the chariot driver of the King, who is embodiment of simplicity and humbleness and from bottom level of the social pyramid. The same knowledge has been provided to three different people from different class and different karmic activity. It is a clear indication that in the eye of lord everyone is equal.
This is how lord is who never discriminates but loves all and provides opportunity to all.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Karthikeya- Guru Energy and EGO

When all the five elements of nature (earth, fire, air, water, space) combined with pure consciousness then Karthikeya was born. Understand this as Kundalini energy. Out of 7 chakras, the agya chakra is the Karthikeya shakti. Kundalini shakti is ichcha shakti (energy of wishes) and kriya shakti (energy to do action). Karthikeya represents knowledge. 
Karthik was sent to Brahma to learn. So when he went for classes he asked Brahma, 'What is the meaning of Om?'So Brahma said, 'first learn the basics then you learn the rest.'So Karthikeya said, 'If you don't know the highest, what will I learn from you?'
 So he left and went back. So Brahma told Shiva, 'I can't teach your son, he is asking me the highest and I don't even know what is Om. I only know what is AA, as I am only part of the complete Divinity.' Shiva called his son and asked him, 'Do you know the meaning of Om? Even I do not know. And so he said, 'Yes, I know, learn from me and so Shiva said, 'Okay teach me.'
Then Karthukeya said, 'I cannot teach you just like that. You have to give me the stand of the Guru.'So Shiva put him on his shoulder and then Karthick told him, the meaning of Om is love. The entire creation is made of love. Everything is love.So that is why the Guru Tattva has been given the highest seat. Karthik is also called the leader of all the Devatas.Then he killed Tharakasur... which means EGO.
'I know everything, I am the best', all that is Ego. It is called Tharak. Ego is what covers the simplicity, the humbleness in a person. So ego can be subdued only through Knowledge which can be only got through Guru.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Krishna Janmasthami - Talk By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Krishna was never born but we celebrate the birthday- yet he was born, this is the fun! Krishna was born to Devaki and Vasudeva. Vasu means breath, the prana. Devaki means body. Kansa put Devaki and Vasudev in prison. Kansa means the ego. Ego is the brother of Devaki, the body. He put both the pran- vasudeva and Devaki into prison. So the ego imprisoned the body and the pran.  In that pran, what was born, is the bliss - ananda, that is why Krishna is called Nandlala.  Nanda means- ananda- blissful, embodiment of bliss, embodiment of infinity. Within this small body you are able to experience this infinite space.

See Krishna is always depicted in blue colour. You know why in blue colour? It means that the body is transparent as if it was not there. He was not a blue baby, certainly!  Even Shiva is depicted in blue. That doesn’t concern the physical body but inside is infinity. Whatever is infinity is represented by blue: sky is blue, ocean is blue, the great, the big, enormous depth and that bliss, that being- the soul. The soul is never born, but still it is born when the mind and the prana and the body come together. (That is what we are doing when practicing hollow and empty- taking the mind here and there. Suddenly we experience space; there is nothingness – just space inside, pure space. Space has already been there but still you didn’t experience it.)

Krishna was born at 12 o’clock at night- all the watchmen; the guards fell asleep….  This is what is said. When Krishna was born there were many guards in the jail and they all fell asleep.  What are the guards? the eyes , nose, ears, tongue- the five senses are the five guards that keep you out, engaged, so that you don’t  the infinite sky  which is within.  They keep you so busy outside, the five senses, either you look at this, look at that, look here, look there or hear this, hear that, smell this, taste that… you are engaged in the outer world all the time, they are not letting you go- letting you experience your self. So they all fell asleep when Krishna was born and then , though it was born, the body was not capable to hold it  so it has to go it to Yashoda.  The child was taken by Yashoda,  by the prana, to another town that is called Gokul.  Krishna was born in prison but he was carried away in the middle of the night because the joy Kamsa, the ego may kill it. You know it is like someone experiences bliss and that bliss itself can become a trip for the ego, which in turn destroys the infinity, the joy the bliss. So in order to protect him the prana, the breath takes him across the river if love. Yamuna is symbol of love.  So by yoga, by meditation, the infinity is born but yoga alone can’t handle it.  What is needed to nourish it is devotion, is bhakti, and is love.  So love can sustain the bliss and bliss essentially born by uniting our self into that aspect.  So just yoga, just meditation is not sufficient.  Along with that bliss, devotion, love, kirtan is essential. Kirtan is symbol of yamuna, the river.

Vasudeva was carrying the child in a basket on top of his head because all the guards fell asleep and the prana could permeate, could bring out that bliss, that joy into the entire atmosphere.  When he was walking through the river, which he had to cross in order to take the child to another country, it was raining.  At that time India was a small country like Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg.  You just cross one border and it is there.

Vasudeva had to cross this river Yamuna, and when he was crossing it, it was raining and Krishna was just a new born child- the story is very beautiful here – he was carrying the basket on his head and he had to walk through but there was flooding because of rainy season. The Yamuna River was flooding but with great courage he walked and the water came up to his throat, his nose. Vasudeva was about to drown but the child put his leg outside the basket. His leg came outside the basket and the Yamuna river stopped rising. This means when the difficulty comes upto your nose, God’s protection is always there. It cannot go above that because that’s the responsibility of the divine. So the divine puts its leg outside because the Yamuna River was rising up and up and trying to have a touch of this divine child. The moment it touched the river, it receded and Vasudeva could walk through the other shore.

The Kirtan, love rises so high till it has a glimpse of that infinity, a touch of that silence, a touch of bliss. You will see that’s why in music you go high up and then you go down just like the Yamuna River. What is important is not just singing because one can go on singing and singing but a few moments of silence, of depth, of experiencing the bliss of the infinity- is very essential. Many bhajan groups simply sing bhajans very nicely, one after another in competition. They donot stop and just experience that space in-between the bhajans.

Then in middle of the night Yashoda was sleeping and there was another baby girl sleeping with her. Vasudeva went and replaced the baby. He took that girl with him and left Krishna at Yashoda’s house. That is where he grew up. So devotion, bhakti can only make the ananda, bliss grows in us. Yashoda is a symbol of shradha, faith and devotion. So here is the birth of all these qualities in this human body. In Krishna you see the total personality- a multi-dimensional personality from any angel.the full blossoming of human potential is what Krishna is. You can see him sitting silent like Buddha. You can find him in the battlefield, you can find him as a best friend, and you can find him as a very mischievous child, through all angels. It is a total blossoming of personality, of existence.

Krishna himself says in Geeta “people do not know my true nature, nobody knows”. In all his life only three persons knew him. One was Yashoda, that too by accident. Though she was bringing him up, she was beating him up several times. He was unbearably naughty. Once he was eating the mud, Yashoda came and slapped his face and said, “why are you eating mud when I have given you so many things”! He said, “No, I have not eaten mud you can see my mouth”! He opened his mouth and she could see the whole universe. She saw the space inside him, she saw that he is hollow and empty. She saw that he is not just another body but he is infested innocence. In him there were all stars, sun, moon, all that is in the creation- she saw everything, that means she saw nothing. She saw everything and nothing in his mouth.

The second instance is with Arjuna- in the battlefield. In Geeta he gives so many arguments to Arjuna to make him fight and still Arjuna is not ready and krishna says “o.k. you are my dear friend. I am going to show you who really I am. You can’t see with these eyes. You need a special eye- the eye of awareness, the eye of knowledge” you close your eyes, I give you another eye, you see from my eye who I am? And Arjuna was shocked to see. He says “oh I thought you are an ordinary being, I thought you are just like a friend to me, like a good friend, a very respectable and talented friend. I never knew you are infinity, you are everything. He says “ you are the air, you are the wind, you are the sky, I see the entire creation in you” he gets bewildered and says “Oh now excuse me, I might have told you so many things, played with you, fought with you. Please pardon me”.

The third person was Uddhava. At the end of his mortal life Uddhava got to know who Krishna was. Krishna says in Geeta “ People think of me as a physical embodiment. I am not the body, I am the consciousness which is present all over and in everything”. He goes on saying “ I am the sweetness in sugar, I am the light in the moon, I am the heat in the sun” he expresses himself. See, Krishna is having one foot on the ground and the other foot crosses over and is just touching the ground, that is called “threebhungy”. means one foot is firmly on the ground, the other foot as though it is touching the ground but it is not touching, it is elsewhere. Don’t use your mind and energy in worldly things. If you put 100% of your mind in the worldly things, then you get buried in the mud. So Krishna is depicted one foot very firm on the ground but the other foot just as though it is touching up in the air- perfect balance. That is the way to live life- the art of living. How you can make life a fun.

It is said that Krishna was supposed to steal butter. Butter is the final product. The milk is made into curd and curd is churned well and becomes butter. Life is also considered to be like that- life is like milk- life is the process of churning. So many things- events, happenings and instances are churning your life.

Your mind is churned and churned and finally the butter comes, it is the sainthood in you, the saintliness in you. Krishna is stealing the saintliness. This means what? - He loves the saintliness, he loves this mind which is like butter, which is not hard, which has reached its final state. It is cooked well, churned well; it comes as the final butter. He is fond of you when your mind becomes like that. This means the infinity is coming towards you loves you so much that it steals you at any cost. He searches for you. Wherever you are, God comes and searches you. He will search and take you, wherever you are. You only have to become like the butter that’s what he steals the butter. That’s another way to represent.

Then there is Radha, Radha means longing. She was already married to someone. Nobody even knew his name. What does this mean, “was she married?” the longing was for something else before Krishna arrived. People long for a car, long for prestige and long for many things. But when the bliss comes, when God comes into our life- the longing for God is very intense. Radha forgot everything, she left her husband, she forgot her husband, her home and her cooking and other things and she became krishna, she became immersed in Krishna because that longing for the divine, love for the divine was so total that even the divine could not stay without Radha. Krishna says “ I am playing the flute just for you”. Radha is older than Krishna. That’s why some people, some scriptures don’t accept that thing about Radha and Krishna: “What is that Radha and Krishna?” It is very illegal. But the symbol behind it is very different and beautiful.
Longing is older than love because longing gives birth to love. It’s longing which reaches love and they always go together. There can’t be love without longing and there can’t be longing without love. How can you not long if you love something? If you love something, naturally you will long for it. Radhe- Shyam; the infinity-Radhe-longing. Radhe is the individual life, Shyam the infinite life. The infinity is dawning in every cell of our body. That’s what we have been doing, taking our mind like this, taking it through, observing and seeing, becoming conscious, becoming alive and more alive. The entire creation is filled with life- that - is Radhe Shyam.

The Krishna dances on Kalinga, the snake, and a legendary five-hooded snake. On the top of it Krishna is dancing. This is again another beautiful symbol. Awareness, if not controlled by joy or bliss; it will only bring irritation and anger. If you see people who are very aware, very alert, a creative person, who wants everything precise, they become very angry, restless and agitated and they throw poison? No doubt they want perfection and create misery around if they are not blissful by themselves. Those who want perfection create the entire problem. Those who do not want perfection they do not care for anything. This want of perfection is not bad but it should not be on the top of your head. If bliss is there, love is dancing, then it is all very beautiful, it is all wonderful. It is all smooth and safe. The love is dancing on the hood of awareness. You would see here and there a snake hood and Krishna dancing on top of it. This is what it symbolizes. There is a very deep symbol in it.

And then the flute. See this body is like a hollow and empty flute. It has seven holes, seven centers. And he puts his fingers on the seven centers, different emotions come, different tunes come and he blows through it. Same with everybody’s life. The infinity blows through, plays all different tunes, pushes different buttons and brings out different songs, different music and the entire creation rejoices in that music of the flute. He can blow through it. You become a perfect instrument of the divine when you become hollow and empty. That is when you become like a flute. It is said that even Radha was jealous because the flute was always with Krishna. The creation becomes jealous of you when you become so hollow and empty and it is ready to do whatever you want. You just need to desire. “Let there be sun” and that is it and “ let there be rain” and that is it. Creation is all anxious to fulfil your desire when you become hollow and empty. That is being Murali- the flute. This is the beauty.

In ancient days when people made a story, when a story was written, it was never made just like a history. Somebody was born on such a date and died on such date and lived here on such date. They didn’t bother about the dates; they didn’t bother about history at all. A story also depicts unlimited infinity. Then the story goes beyond time and it becomes timeless, ageless. That symbol is ageless for any age, any time.

Arjuna asked Krishna-just now the fifth chapter be recited. Krishna says “ This yoga, this knowledge of yoga I am giving you now, I had given this fifteen thousand years ago to somebody” immediately Arjuna said “ What? Ishwaku lived so long ago and you are born now? How is it possible that you could have taught this yoga to Ishwaku and others, those people who were born thousands of years ago?” Then Krishna said “My dear both I and you have come here several times. I remember but you don’t remember.” It is written in Gita “I will come again and again when time is needed- when people forget yoga, when people forget this knowledge, when they forget how to go into themselves, how to become hollow and empty, how to get into the source of the being. I will come again and again and revive this knowledge and all the fortunate will get this knowledge.”

I am not finished. I am eternal and I am eternally continuing in consciousness. So like this many small stories charm the mind, charm the intellect, feeling, emotions, body, and everything-the entirety. That nourishes all levels of existence.

A feather is something else we left. Why peacocks feather? Krishna had a peacock feather. You know a crown is never light. Crown means heavily weighed – responsibility. Crown means what? The entire state is on the head. A person cannot sleep. He is responsible for everything happening anywhere in the country. That is what a crown is. But if the crown is made of peacock feather- it is never colorful you know. Our past Prime Minister Chandra shekhar was craving to become Prime Minister for the past twenty years. Finally he got the post but he said  “Oh there is no charm in this post”. The thought was a very big charm but after grating it he lost it and said, “It doesn’t interest me”. That is what everybody feels, what everybody has undergone. You ask anybody who has been in power. It is not colorful. Others may feel “Oh. What a nice crown?” but for them it is a big heavy load on their head. All kings are miserable. I remember once Maharishi was sitting and there were so many people, some Swedish television people had come and they asked Maharishi, “ What is it you are sitting like a king and there are flowers and so many people around you”. Maharishi immediately said “Don’t compare me with kings, they are all miserable. There is nothing colorful there. The peacock feather, you see how many colors are there- gold, brown, blue and green, all beautiful colors. The crown is colorful, at the same time it is light, is made of feathers- peacock feathers. This knowledge is like feather. This knowledge is such a supreme knowledge. Though it commands everything, commands all power in the creation, still it is not heavy, it is very light. It is so blissful, it is so beautiful. That is what the peacock feather depicts. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hollow and Empty

I wanted to find it
I wanted to own it
I wanted to master it
I wanted to rule over it
One day came, all the wants were burned away
as 'I' got dissolved and found as non existence 
Just hollow and empty remains

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Dream is beautiful when we see them together
Words have meaning when we talk together
Eyes finds good scene when watched together
Hearts blossoms to fullest  when  emotion are shared together
Action becomes perfect when we perform them together
Love become immortal when we live with the soul together
Let this togetherness be always there so its easy for us TO GET HERE

Monday, May 21, 2012

Person Like You

How much can a person be devoted your  dedication made me realize that
How much can a person be committed your passion made me realize that
How much can a person be generous your kindness made me realize that
How much can a person think of other first your selfless sacrifices made me realize that
For you answered all my queries, i just have a wish to be Person Like You

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Until I met you

Wondering in words I was
Stagnant lake I was
Desert heart I was
Mirage dream I was
 Feel less Feeling I was
Stone emotion I was
Substance less reason I was
Truth less Existence I was
That was all until I met you

Question to Answer

Never had question before so i was not learning

Never had a question before so i was not thinking
Never had question before so i was not asking
Never had  question before so i was not seeker
But now I've question so it will lead me to answer

Bandh- Joy of Walking Together

Walking is form of recreation to me, i love walking in company or alone.  Everyday i find time to walk for at least 30 minutes. In this Bandh I've taken full out of it and also discovered the other aspect of it. I was more interested in observing others and the way the people, though strangers, but were involved in conversation during this bandh. I could  see people in the road walking and  listening to song, some even playing it in loud speaker, some walking and reading and many having  conversation on country situation, or professional stuff or household stuff. Everyone was in hurry as they had some work to be done and Bandh was not a barrier to them. The interaction among the strangers and the companion was the most interesting phenomenon brought about by the bandh. We are so busy these days that we don't have time to interact well with the people around but this bandh gave everyone ample of opportunity to enjoy walking and talking together, moreover spending time together. I could see office holder walking together and taking about their profession and household, students walking together and talking about their studies, young couple walking together and sharing their feeling, children walking together and talking about games. If we look at the positive part of it then we are increasing of relationship and interaction with the general people among us increasing understanding between us and it offered joy to many from that part. As said, people come together because of happiness or sorrow and in this bandh i focused on one positive aspect of it as Joy of Walking together which i experienced and observed.  

Monday, March 12, 2012

You brought me Back to You, Them and Me

I was with the DIVINE and promised to comply with his Universal Law of LOVE for everyone in this Universe, before I came to this earth.  I took my first breath with his Grace and  Cried and everyone around me were happy.I  was pure soul contemplating about you and mine relation till my eyes could see. You gave sight to my eyes and i made promise to you, i wouldn't attach myself to all those that i see  and will still continue to see you in everyone and Love you and would crave to see you the ultimate. You gave audability to my ears and i promised i shall not forgot your Divine message so i could spread them and never entertain bad words anywhere about anything.You again gifted me with speech for my vocal and i promised, i shall not hurt anyone with my harsh word and shall always speak truth and good and would spread words about you and you Divinity. I promised to help you to run this world and shall not ever attack other for my selfish benefit after You gave mobility to my body parts to perform Work. You gifted me the most beautiful yet mysteious Brain and i promised i shall keep it under control and will never let Maya take over it and would use it for benefit of others first, as you are in everyone and then only for my own.
Time tarvelled with the speed of light and i forgot everypromise i made, which was never demanded but was a freewill, but you never stopped bestowing your love on me. You always gave an opportunity to think about you and your unconditional LOVE and my promise many times but  when i realized it, i thought i realized it late. Now i want to reach to you again so i erased all my impressions i accumulated. I'm fulfilling all the promises that i made to You. I searched for you, i cried for you  and i found you when i closed my eyes. Ahh! Yes you are still here with me, in me, with them and in them and when i again opened my eyes with smile I see you and only you and  only You in You Them and Me. Yes Now i found you, whether i close my eyes or open. Thank you for bringing me back to You, Them and to Me.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Seeing Inside matters!!!

A great sage was meditating in  his kutir, while he was meditating he could hear something runnf the kuting from one part of the kutir to another. After coming out of meditation sage requested the being inside who was running during his meditation to appear. A mouse from one part of the kutir came out and greeted the sage. Sage seeing the mouse felt good and asked mouse the reason he was worried and running all around. Mouse answered that it was because of the  fear of the cat and the Dog which was outside the kutir. Mouse wanted to go out but every time at the door it  used to see the Cat and Dog so being afraid it ran here and there.
After analyzing for few minutes sage blessed the mouse and transformed it into a Lion and asked the transformed mouse, which was now Lion to go out saying that he was transformed into Lion and need not to be afraid of cat and dog anymore and on one condition that he will not do any harm to cat and dog and the mouse agreed. The mouse also have seen the cat being afraid of the dog and dog being afraid of Lion and obeyed the sage. The transformed mouse when stepped out of the kutir it again after seeing the cat and dog, being afraid ran inside the kutir. The incident repeated over and over. Now sage was worried and could not understand the situation. The sage asked the transformed mouse to go in front of the mirror and see itself. The transformed mouse when saw itself in the mirror seeing itself as in the form of Lion now he got confidence and could link up that cat is afraid of dog and dog of lion so he need not be be afraid of anyone. The transformed Lioon  finally stepped out of the kutir in full confidence.

Point is: Outside appearance does not  matter and even what other say does not matter about what you are, unless you realize on your own seeing inside you then you can change your little heart to a lion heart. Unless one acknowledge from inside, see inside in the form of mirror in the above story  there is no value of only outside change.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Learn to command the mind

After having won many archery contests, the town champion went to the Zen master.
- I am the best of all – he said. – I didn’t study religion, never sought help from the monks, and succeeded in becoming the finest archer in the whole region. I heard that, for a time, you were the best archer in the region, and ask you: was it necessary to become a monk in order to learn to shoot?
- No – replied the Zen master.
But the champion was not satisfied: he took an arrow, placed it in the bow, fired it and hit a cherry which was very far away. Smiling, as if to say: "you might have saved your time, devoting yourself only to technique." And he said:
- I doubt whether you could do that.
Without looking in the least bit worried, the master went inside, fetched his bow, and began to walk towards a nearby mountain.

On the way, there was an abyss which could only be crossed by an old bridge made of rotting rope, and which was almost collapsing.
The Zen master went to the middle of the bridge, took his bow and placed an arrow in it, then aimed at a tree on the far side of the precipice, and hit his target.
- Now it is your turn – he kindly told the young man, as he returned to firm ground.
Terrified as he gazed down at the abyss below his feet, the young man went to the spot and fired, but his arrow veered wide of the mark.
- That is why the discipline of meditation was worthwhile – concluded the master, when the young man returned to him.
“You may have great skill with the instrument you choose for your livelihood, but it  useless, if you cannot command the mind which uses that instrument.”

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Are You Shiva??

The most Famous GOD amongst all the Youngster because of his cool nature as described in the many Hindu epics and also because of his really punk look with his TRISUL is none other than....our..SHIVA JI.

Among all the factor Most of all is his love toward all those herbs that helps to cool down and reduce the SRG gap (Stimulus Response Gap) so one feels like one is at a bliss...makes him youngester FAv DEV..... ;)

SHIVA signifies POWER especially the THIRD eye that can BURN almost Everything into ASH if is opened..... which he opened only once against KAMA DEV, actually according to epics:
LESSON: WIN Over KAMA, HAVE CONTROL OVER KAMA RATHER KAMA CONTROLLING .......... then we are 'SHIVA'. It's all about CONTROL hehhehehehhehehhe ;)

We also use his name as an excuse if we want to taste those herbs... which have detrimental effect on health......( Remember SHIVA RATRI) hehehhehehehehehhe and beside that He is our country 'ARADHYA DEV', sth like National GOD..

SHIVA is yeah of-course the most cool GOD amongst all, i wonder

How could he remain so normal with all those venomous snakes all over his body???

How can he not do anything wrong even being said to consume all kind of herbs that gives hallucination???????.............................are there any stories missing???? no not at all...... despite of all that he was always at consciousness.......... HE COULD CONTROL HIMSELF RATHER THAN THOSE HERBS CONTROLLING HIM hmmmmmm!!!LESSON TO BE LEARNED, KNOW THE LIMIT and BE IN THE LIMIT and is being 'SHIVA' hehhehe.........I'm sure everyone wants to have LIMIT CONTROL

How could one still resist the irritation of Most Poisonous VENOM that he has stored in his THROAT?????
The MOON and WATER FOUNTAIN through his head definitely has helped a lot to make him cool... ;)


And most of time always MEDITATING..... and is being 'SHIVA'

And sititng on a TIGER SKIN FEARLESS.......: LESSON: Winning over THE FEAR and is being 'SHIVA'

This is what i've interpreted from SHIVA image which.....what do u guyz think.... are you SHIVA ;)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Moment to cherish On the Bed of Death

I don't want to impose the Self reference Criterion in this. If someone ask me about the most  self satisfying moment of my life, when i'm On the bed of death My answer would be those moments when i was able to make some needy person happy through my social service where the effort was done without the expectation of the return. 

I think if people were to ask the same question then answer would be in general similar to that of mine. We are social being and composed of love by nature.  The things that makes us happy is when we are able to help those in need without expecting return and the smile that we see, the happiness that we see worth more than any financial benefit.
Lets collect as much as possible those sorts of memories so we don't have a regret while we are on the bed of death. Lets Learn to Serve and Lets Act to Serve  


Friday, February 10, 2012

Untold Story

Couldn't stop myself so i'm sharing this information with you my friends.

Me and my friends we visited the Kalmochan Ghat temple area 7th Feb 2012. We met a local youth and a lady. To our surprise there was a wall being made along the Kalmochan Ghat by UN to make a park but the local had mixed reaction to the development. The reason for mixed response was because  of the behavior of sadhus and Jogis who are used to open defecation. The wall would  restrict these sadhus and jogis  from going to the river bank for defecation and resulting to the use of open space near residential area by these sadhus and jogis to meet their purpose.

The problem is few number of public toilets in comparison to the number of jogis which is understandable. The Guthi sansthan which is the care taker of heritage area, is silent in this matter who actually need to take all measures possible to keep the area clean.

The local shared an incident which happened earlier night. A jogi was beaten up by the other group after being drunk  and the reason being, the difference in the race.  Most of allo gets money, even more astonishing information was the jogis being non vegetarian and are in fact given money to feed them self.

We saw group of Jogis and sadhus arriving at the place in the mean time and the reason was the Shivratri coming near. The localities shared that the number of jogis and sadhus will subsequently increase in days and come.

A lady after seeing a  local person with those Jogis and Sadhus in a voice filled with anger shared the untold story of illegal drugs being traded from the place. Her anger was directed to the local government level authority who in fact offers the illegal drungs to the sadhus and jogis and who in turn sells it to the local youth and there is sharing of the commission between the authority and the sadhus.

I didn't want to believe the fact but how could i not after witnessing the foreigners in the form of sadhus smoking the hashish in the near by kutir. I could not believe when i was informed that the sadus are in fact entitled to the illegal drugs and also daily allowance on the basis of their rank.

In India, basically from where the sadus and Jogis are actually from are poisoned if seen in the city area so Nepal is in fact heaven for them in that sense and in fact above than that when ones receives so many benefits in contrast to the punishment in their country.

The question here is about the treatment of the authority, in one hand saying that the transaction of illegal drugs is considered  punishable and again not bringing these sadhus inside that system and treating them. These Jogis most of them are here being lured by the befit they are getting and who are in fact not practicing what a real sadhu or jogi need to be doing.

In this situation where the locals are facing trouble and also the concerned authority is hesitant to take action what need to be done... Its another business growing inside its mask which is much bigger than we can even imagine. The risk is the local children and youths who might become one of the customer of these people who have that thing with them which can misguide the generation to self destruction.