Sunday, July 31, 2011

DHARMA- DUTY: the Only Solution

Dharma is the solution to the entire problem in the world, by saying this I’m sounding religious but it would not be wise to bring that thought unless we understand the meaning of Dharma in different religion.
Many of us limit the word to only worshipping but it has more meaningful that just that.
Buddha said,
Dharmmam saranam gacchami
I go to the Dharma for refuge.

According to Buddhism, to follow the path shown by Buddha is to be in dharma i.e. to perform Duty. Dharma in Buddhism is to follow Buddha teaching and among four of his teaching M├órgasatya, (The Truth of the Way) is one of them, which describes about  Right Conduct (or Action), samyakkarma.
In Hinduism it is said:" Dharma Rakshaite Rakshate" If you are in Dharma (Duty), Dharma will Protect you...So those who are not in Dharma they shall perish.....and in Hinduism DHARMA is all those actions that leads us closer to realization of GOD. I go to the good company for refuge
In Christanity, Jesus said, "This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you." and is once duty toward GOD (John 15:12). It is Dharma.
We may be from any of these religious background, we might be worshipping and saying we are being Dharmic or we are offering our duty according what our religion has said, but our knowledge in this regard is incomplete. We still need to know what are our Duties, as prescribed in religious books so we still have to search for it.
To sum it all, in my understanding, all that action which embodies Righteousness for society and self as a whole is, Dharma or is said to have been done as the Duty.  
Even the atheist would believe in doing the right things…even if they don’t believe in religion, which is again their duty which they will agree to.    
Let us all be in DHARMA in DUTY….. let us all do right, speak right, listen to right…then everything will be just alright…Adhering to this DUTY…or DHARMA…is the only solution..   


Change is credo and all of us want Government to change, politicians to change, constitution to change, system to change...we want to see  changed nepal in Future. Are we here to pressurize to get temporary solution???? Constitution is just one part, will all the people abide by what is written???? Do we want that constitution which will divide the core values within every Nepali????....Nature gifted us with the resources to become proud of, our ancestors left us with the unique culture and identity.....and now what will we be leaving to our next generation???? Generation before us did think about that but only few acted so Youths are now in the street acting....We don’t want our next generation to go through same phase again and again. Can we all make a commitment that we will abide by every law of the country and the new constitution to see changed Nepal- New Nepal???? We even don’t follow the normal traffic rule, which is a reality....I'm not negative  I just  want to say  "CHANGE BEGINS FROM WITHIN" Nepal will change If We Nepali Change, country is representative of all the people...
“CHANGE BEGINS FROM WITHIN", Constitution, government, system are not a problem....our self- centered attitude, individualistic and ego centric attitude is the problem....... People came to street during Jana-Andol II, and again we land up in another problem. Generation before us when they were youth they also did the same thing and we are also doing the same thing protest and protest,  TEMPORARY SOLUTION IS NOT A SOLUTION TO A PERMANENT PROBLEM. Lets make this a Permanent solution so the generation after us don't have to go through same thing again...Its a chance that comes once in a life time to be a part of a history....Let the generation to come say, oh i wish i was born then and was also the during the event....YOUTH ARE PART OF SOLUTION NOT PART OF A PROBLEM... and 'WE ARE NOT USELESS  BUT WE HAVE USED OUR SELF LESS......LET THE YOUTH SPEAK IN ONE VOICE.......JAI MATRI BHUMI NEPAL...
Problem to come together to make permanent solution????…..We see the tree and its body, the branches, fruits and the leaves. Every part of the Tree is aware it is all from same seed and their existence is not in struggle but in harmony with the seeds and the every part. We are also aware about that are't we?. Seed is the cause behind their existence. In the same way, we might be from any of the 75 Districts, 14 Zones, 5 Development Regions....We should always remember like the tree that our seed is Nationality, Nepal. Our Nation is dependent on us , WE are  dependent on each other for the Nation. If we want to have ego then why not to have bigger ego, from ‘I’ to ‘WE NEPALI’ ..WE helps us to define ourself together
Who will bring Change????? Can we imagine to pass with very good grade in the exam to come without preparing today???? No, not possible…So We the Youth are Today who will make the Future… so its our responsibility to begin the change. Lets us begin the First step to Change Nepal by realizing this…. "WE-THE YOUTH, ARE THE PRESENT", YOUTH is NOW….. So  PRESENT should CHANGE RIGHT NOW…. then NEPAL IS CHANGED and it is not in FUTURE but Right NOW, not just from the surface but from the roots ,from the Individual level, which is the true change we are looking and searching for right now.....
Jai Matri Bhumi Nepal