Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dushasan, Kichhak, Jayadratha, Duryodhan - VAW

In our society, we have presence of character like Dushasan, Kichhak, Jayadratha, Duryodhan. Theses are the character who were involved in activities which in modern days has been termed as 'Violence Against Women- VAW'. Let me share with you what happened to these four character or the action that was taken against these character. Coincidentally all the four character roam around Draupadi.

Dushasan - Involved in forceful striping of Draupadi sari was killed by Bhimsen during the Mahabharat War.
Duryodhan- Ordered Draupadi to sit on his lap and he was killed by Bhimsen during the Maharbharat War Bhimsen broke his lap and Durodhan died because of the same reason.
Kichhak- Teased Draupadi and forced her to spent night with him during Pandav Gupta Bas. Bhimsen Killed him again.
Jayadratha- Made an attempt to rape Draupadi during Pandav Baan Bas. He was first forgiven by Yudhistir, as he their in-law. However, he was left with bald head except in the five places, so that he would be embarrassed. But at the end he was killed by Arjun during Mahabharat War.

The activities related to VAW were punishable to the extent of killing them.
The basic reason behind our  society producing these character is because of lack of human values and most of all lack of self control over desire.

We now need two strategies to decrease the number of these four character from our society.  Involve people in an activity which helps them to develop human values and respect along with self control. Also we now need character like Bhimsen and Arjun to punish these kind of characters or punishment like such.