Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Importance Of SEWA

We might have been doing meditation from several ages for several hours a day or might have just started and doing an hour a day or so. The curiosity often arises in the practitioner to know how much one is actually progressing. Practitioner wish to know if there is any barometer of that which can help them to measure them progress or at least get a hint whether they are progressing or not.
I  thought of two factors to examine in order to examine progress in this field.
1. Increase in Stimulus Response Gap (SRG):
This means if a practitioner has developed a capacity to give response to anything rather than react and again the response with firm and thoughtful mind then there is a progress. If a practitioner still reacts i.e. still level of  patience has not increased then there is no progress.

2. Treating everyone like as they are you:
The sense of belongingness or even at a higher level the feeling and sense of oneness should be there. If the sense of oneness has not increased then the practitioner still needs to progress. Loving for one's children is natural, even one's family members and friends is so obvious. Even the animals does that but the important is the same level of feeling with every other person and every being should be there. The sense of Oneness.

The above two factors are in fact the outcome of Meditation and only meditation will not lead us there.
SEWA or the Service , is one of the strongest factor that can lead us there. Let us understand that any act done for other without expecting anything in return is a sewa or service. While we do service to other who are in need our ego dissolves and in course of time we develop compassion.
Whenever we do service our head bends little down, i.e. the Head comes closer to Heart and that is when ego dissolves and compassion evolves.

The Sewa again bears boon, which is in fact even not to be thought about. However, just for sharing, it earns merit and that merit will add positivity to our consciousness and when we meditate we reach to the blissful state in less time or samadhi. The merit helps to calm down our mind so less thoughts come.

Service or SEWA is something that even Nature performs, SUN is doing Sewa without expecting return from us, even the Moon the stars the River, the flower, the plants whatever you see in the nature they are all doing service and that is why everyone praise the nature, loves the nature and want to be with the nature.

That is why Sewa or Service is very important along with meditation if we want to be humane and return to our true nature in fact which we need to achieve in life and is our final destination i.e. to become united with our true nature...For that do more Sewa and Sadhana i.e. Service and Meditation