Monday, March 12, 2012

You brought me Back to You, Them and Me

I was with the DIVINE and promised to comply with his Universal Law of LOVE for everyone in this Universe, before I came to this earth.  I took my first breath with his Grace and  Cried and everyone around me were happy.I  was pure soul contemplating about you and mine relation till my eyes could see. You gave sight to my eyes and i made promise to you, i wouldn't attach myself to all those that i see  and will still continue to see you in everyone and Love you and would crave to see you the ultimate. You gave audability to my ears and i promised i shall not forgot your Divine message so i could spread them and never entertain bad words anywhere about anything.You again gifted me with speech for my vocal and i promised, i shall not hurt anyone with my harsh word and shall always speak truth and good and would spread words about you and you Divinity. I promised to help you to run this world and shall not ever attack other for my selfish benefit after You gave mobility to my body parts to perform Work. You gifted me the most beautiful yet mysteious Brain and i promised i shall keep it under control and will never let Maya take over it and would use it for benefit of others first, as you are in everyone and then only for my own.
Time tarvelled with the speed of light and i forgot everypromise i made, which was never demanded but was a freewill, but you never stopped bestowing your love on me. You always gave an opportunity to think about you and your unconditional LOVE and my promise many times but  when i realized it, i thought i realized it late. Now i want to reach to you again so i erased all my impressions i accumulated. I'm fulfilling all the promises that i made to You. I searched for you, i cried for you  and i found you when i closed my eyes. Ahh! Yes you are still here with me, in me, with them and in them and when i again opened my eyes with smile I see you and only you and  only You in You Them and Me. Yes Now i found you, whether i close my eyes or open. Thank you for bringing me back to You, Them and to Me.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Seeing Inside matters!!!

A great sage was meditating in  his kutir, while he was meditating he could hear something runnf the kuting from one part of the kutir to another. After coming out of meditation sage requested the being inside who was running during his meditation to appear. A mouse from one part of the kutir came out and greeted the sage. Sage seeing the mouse felt good and asked mouse the reason he was worried and running all around. Mouse answered that it was because of the  fear of the cat and the Dog which was outside the kutir. Mouse wanted to go out but every time at the door it  used to see the Cat and Dog so being afraid it ran here and there.
After analyzing for few minutes sage blessed the mouse and transformed it into a Lion and asked the transformed mouse, which was now Lion to go out saying that he was transformed into Lion and need not to be afraid of cat and dog anymore and on one condition that he will not do any harm to cat and dog and the mouse agreed. The mouse also have seen the cat being afraid of the dog and dog being afraid of Lion and obeyed the sage. The transformed mouse when stepped out of the kutir it again after seeing the cat and dog, being afraid ran inside the kutir. The incident repeated over and over. Now sage was worried and could not understand the situation. The sage asked the transformed mouse to go in front of the mirror and see itself. The transformed mouse when saw itself in the mirror seeing itself as in the form of Lion now he got confidence and could link up that cat is afraid of dog and dog of lion so he need not be be afraid of anyone. The transformed Lioon  finally stepped out of the kutir in full confidence.

Point is: Outside appearance does not  matter and even what other say does not matter about what you are, unless you realize on your own seeing inside you then you can change your little heart to a lion heart. Unless one acknowledge from inside, see inside in the form of mirror in the above story  there is no value of only outside change.