Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Dream is beautiful when we see them together
Words have meaning when we talk together
Eyes finds good scene when watched together
Hearts blossoms to fullest  when  emotion are shared together
Action becomes perfect when we perform them together
Love become immortal when we live with the soul together
Let this togetherness be always there so its easy for us TO GET HERE

Monday, May 21, 2012

Person Like You

How much can a person be devoted your  dedication made me realize that
How much can a person be committed your passion made me realize that
How much can a person be generous your kindness made me realize that
How much can a person think of other first your selfless sacrifices made me realize that
For you answered all my queries, i just have a wish to be Person Like You

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Until I met you

Wondering in words I was
Stagnant lake I was
Desert heart I was
Mirage dream I was
 Feel less Feeling I was
Stone emotion I was
Substance less reason I was
Truth less Existence I was
That was all until I met you

Question to Answer

Never had question before so i was not learning

Never had a question before so i was not thinking
Never had question before so i was not asking
Never had  question before so i was not seeker
But now I've question so it will lead me to answer

Bandh- Joy of Walking Together

Walking is form of recreation to me, i love walking in company or alone.  Everyday i find time to walk for at least 30 minutes. In this Bandh I've taken full out of it and also discovered the other aspect of it. I was more interested in observing others and the way the people, though strangers, but were involved in conversation during this bandh. I could  see people in the road walking and  listening to song, some even playing it in loud speaker, some walking and reading and many having  conversation on country situation, or professional stuff or household stuff. Everyone was in hurry as they had some work to be done and Bandh was not a barrier to them. The interaction among the strangers and the companion was the most interesting phenomenon brought about by the bandh. We are so busy these days that we don't have time to interact well with the people around but this bandh gave everyone ample of opportunity to enjoy walking and talking together, moreover spending time together. I could see office holder walking together and taking about their profession and household, students walking together and talking about their studies, young couple walking together and sharing their feeling, children walking together and talking about games. If we look at the positive part of it then we are increasing of relationship and interaction with the general people among us increasing understanding between us and it offered joy to many from that part. As said, people come together because of happiness or sorrow and in this bandh i focused on one positive aspect of it as Joy of Walking together which i experienced and observed.