Wednesday, August 15, 2012


We all know about the Geeta that Lord Krishna shared with  Arjun. But the whole Geets is infact shared between the three people along with Arjun and from different class of the society and on the basis of their karma. One was Arjun himself, whom Lord regarded as good friend and was there to fight on behalf of righteousness. Second person is the Dhritarastra, he didnt have good boons to listen to it but Lord had a plan and he even included Dhritarastra who was not only blind physically but also mentally. So lord thought that Dhristarastra also needs the knowledge so he might change despite of all that happened and not to mention is a king. The third person is Sanjaya, the chariot driver of the King, who is embodiment of simplicity and humbleness and from bottom level of the social pyramid. The same knowledge has been provided to three different people from different class and different karmic activity. It is a clear indication that in the eye of lord everyone is equal.
This is how lord is who never discriminates but loves all and provides opportunity to all.

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