Saturday, August 11, 2012

Karthikeya- Guru Energy and EGO

When all the five elements of nature (earth, fire, air, water, space) combined with pure consciousness then Karthikeya was born. Understand this as Kundalini energy. Out of 7 chakras, the agya chakra is the Karthikeya shakti. Kundalini shakti is ichcha shakti (energy of wishes) and kriya shakti (energy to do action). Karthikeya represents knowledge. 
Karthik was sent to Brahma to learn. So when he went for classes he asked Brahma, 'What is the meaning of Om?'So Brahma said, 'first learn the basics then you learn the rest.'So Karthikeya said, 'If you don't know the highest, what will I learn from you?'
 So he left and went back. So Brahma told Shiva, 'I can't teach your son, he is asking me the highest and I don't even know what is Om. I only know what is AA, as I am only part of the complete Divinity.' Shiva called his son and asked him, 'Do you know the meaning of Om? Even I do not know. And so he said, 'Yes, I know, learn from me and so Shiva said, 'Okay teach me.'
Then Karthukeya said, 'I cannot teach you just like that. You have to give me the stand of the Guru.'So Shiva put him on his shoulder and then Karthick told him, the meaning of Om is love. The entire creation is made of love. Everything is love.So that is why the Guru Tattva has been given the highest seat. Karthik is also called the leader of all the Devatas.Then he killed Tharakasur... which means EGO.
'I know everything, I am the best', all that is Ego. It is called Tharak. Ego is what covers the simplicity, the humbleness in a person. So ego can be subdued only through Knowledge which can be only got through Guru.

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